Abstract = {Component-based development promotes a software de- 
velopment process that focuses on component reuse. 
How to describe a desired component before search- 
ing in the repository? How to find an existing com- 
ponent that fulfills the required functionalities? How 
to capture the system personalization based on its con- 
stitutive components' customization? To answer these 
questions, this paper claims that components should 
be described using three different forms at three devel- 
opment stages: architecture specification, configuration 
and assembly. However, no architecture description lan- 
guage proposes such a detailed description for compo- 
nents that supports such a three step component-based 
development. This paper proposes a three-level Adl, 
named Dedal, that enables the explicit and separate 
definitions of component roles, component classes, and 
component instances.         
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