Abstract = {In this paper, we present a search-based automatic many-to-one component substitution 
mechanism. When a component is removed from an assembly to overcome component 
obsolescence, failure or unavailability, most existing systems perform component-to- 
component (one-to-one) substitution. Thus, they only handle situations where a specific 
candidate component is available. As this is not the most frequent case, it would be more 
flexible to allow a single component to be replaced by a whole component assembly 
(many-to-one component substitution). We propose such an automatic substitution 
mechanism, which does not require the possible changes to be anticipated and which 
preserves the quality of the assembly. This mechanism requires components to be 
enhanced with ports, which provide synthetic information on components' assembling 
capabilities. Such port-enhanced components then constitute input data for a search- 
based mechanism that looks for possible assemblies using various heuristics to tame 
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